What Our Clients Say?

We found Hope & Heart Garden Design on hi pages, she was the first person to get back to me. We had our original meeting and you could just tell Jacquie wanted the best for us and she would not stop until she designed something that we loved. The backyard was a hit first design, the front yard was a little more difficult (due to us not knowing exactly how we wanted to go), however she got it by the 2nd design, that just proves she listened to what we wanted. Construction too was fabulous, was delivered on time and when Jacquie wasn't happy with the final look, she solved the problem and rectified immediately. All this was done within budget. We are extremely happy with the services that Hope & Heart Garden design delivered and would highly recommend to anyone. We will definitely be using them for our next house. Thanks Jacquie & the team at Hope & Heart.

Taryn K, Blackburn, November 2014

We really enjoyed your visit on Friday. The plans are great and we are excited to see how this has developed. Thank you for all the time and thought you have put into giving us a garden design in keeping with our home's character.

Maryann and Ian, Ringwood North, May 2016

Extremely passionate about gardens, knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Annie and Mike, Glen Iris, November 2014

Jacquie thank you for the beautiful plans, pictures and quote. I've spent all night mulling over it! The cost is working out beyond my budget and I wonder can you give me a quote that excludes the front garden at this stage. I appreciate that you've worked on rock bottom costings. I will hopefully be able to do the front garden next year.....your design is so lovely, and the plants

Mary, Ringwood North, September 2015

I lovvvve the garden!!! Thank you so much...I sat out on the lower patio the other day in the sunshine and for the first time in years felt relaxed and joyful. Everything is orderly and cleaned up ......it's so lovely....thank you and the men for all your hard work. I really do appreciate it.

Carmel, North Ringwood, November 2015

I was very impressed with everything that was involved in my garden renovate. Jacquie was really determined to come up with a garden designs that I would be happy in, that I’d be able to just relax in and enjoy it. She just that with the whole plan, from the shape of the garden beds, to the type and color of the plants she choose. Jacquie and her other professionals did all the work then, and the finished product looked fabulous at all times, they were punctual, friendly, worked very hard (even on some days that were pretty warm!), and knew all about the products and plants they used. I would recommend "Hope & Heart Garden Design" to anyone.

Judy, Croydon

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